There is so much I can say about these two! Conor and Lianna are two of the sweetest goofballs we have ever had the joy of filming. But my favorite thing about them is their giant hearts. My favorite part of the day was watching them pass cake around to their guests during the reception. I remember telling them how I had never seen that before and it was really sweet of them to do. They just said something like, "yeah we don't know the rules about this stuff, it just seems like the thing to do".

Lianna & Conor

Salisbury NC


From the Couple:

They were so AMAZING! We couldn’t have asked for a better videographer. They met all our needs and exceeded above expectation. We’re so thankful we get to have such a special moment of our life just at our fingertips. Casey and her husband were so professional but also so personable. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a fully personal videographer. We loved them so much. ❤️