Have you ever seen a more adorable couple? Matt and Lexi, you have the sweetest and most bubbly dispositions. We couldn't stop laughing all day at their inside jokes and Lexi's comments on being the star of the show lol. If I had to describe the energy of the day, it would have to be light, FUN, effortless, and so so sweet, kinda like these two! 






Wow. Wow. Wow. I don’t think I can put together the words to thank Casey and Clint for the most beautiful wedding video. We were recommended to HeyHey in passing by a friend and loved the style of their videos. We liked how personal each video was and how Casey matched the - as she would say - “vibe of the day” to the video. As a very type-A person who does not like to let other people take control of things important to me, I was nervous to give Casey full reign and let her work her magic Fast forward to our wedding, and she did just that. They went above and beyond for us - like I’m sure they do for everyone. They spent the day observing us and getting to know us, without us ever feeling like we were being bombarded by cameras. They soaked in those 8 hours and made something truly special. The thought and effort from Casey and Clint from the pre wedding interview to the final product is unmatched. Could not recommend them any higher.