If ever there was a couple made for each other these two are it. This is why we make films, for love like this.

I will admit, editing this was HARD. Clint will attest, there might have been a few tears shed. We witnessed the magic happen and I wanted with my whole heart to deliver something equally as special to Kenleigh & Justin's love story.

Creating a film that fully encapsulates the love of two families coming together like two perfect puzzle pieces, unperfect edges and all, but fitting so completely....it's like trying to define love. It's hard finding the words, you can try, but there are nuances, things not easily explainable.

Either way, it's an honor and a welcome challenge. We are more than fortunate to get to create family heirlooms, art that meets legacy and stirs the soul.

Thank you Kenleigh & Justin for trusting us with your precious memories, and thank you to the amazing people you surround yourself with. What a privilege it was to do this for you.

Kenleigh & Justin

Macon GA